About Us

Our services are designed to solve your basic PC issues, keep your systems secure and optimize system performance. During a service call, we will provide you with antivirus and anti-malware security software to prevent problems today as well as in the future. We promise prompt and professional service with no need to make an appointment.

Our expert technicians have deep knowledge of Windows operating systems, and know where malicious things like to hide. We use a secure, remote technology provided by LogMeInRescue, allowing our technicians to remotely access your system with your explicit permission. Once the service call is over, we disconnect and cannot reconnect unless you give us explicit permission again. This secure technology allows our technicians to perform the maintenance and repairs for you.

Our team of highly-qualified technicians is led by industry veteran and owner Steve Calvi with 10 years of technical support and tech operations experience. Contact them directly at info@zolexpc.com with any questions, comments or feedback about your experience with the Zolex PC services.