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What do i do if my Security Software can not remove a virus?

There are times when your Anti-virus software will detect and try to remove an infection but cannot. Here are some reasons why this can happen. 1. the infected file is in use and running and cannot be deleted. 2. The file is tied or is related to a Windows system file that is in use or has been corrupted. 3. The infection has other associated files that recreate the file if it is deleted.

Your options at this point for the Average Home User, are to bring in a specialist to remove the infection. Though there are lots of tools on the Internet, in the wrong hands they can be very dangerous. Only people trained or familiar with these tools should be using them. For the Home User it is best to have a professional handle it. At Zolex PC www.zolexpc.com we use Remote Connection Software so you don't have to bring your PC anywhere. We come to you via the Internet and remove the tough infections.
So if your Security Software cannot remove the infection, get a qualified technician to remove the Virus. Don't leave it alone as it can and will only get worse. All Security Software is good, but not perfect. Leave the tough jobs to the experts.
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Next Weeks Topic: What is Malware?, What is Spyware?, What is Adware?


Do I need more than just Antivirus on my PC?

The usual answer to this question is yes you do need additional protection outside of a just a straight up Anti-virus software. The reason being is there are many so-called "baddies" out there on the internet that Anti-virus software will not catch. Spyware or Adware may slip through undetected. These in turn can disable your Antivirus software or even tell it to stand down altogether. There are many great free anti-spyware programs you can use in conjunction with your Anti-virus. At Zolex PC we use Spybot Search and Destroy and Spyware Blaster. These programs all work together with your Anti-Virus to give you maximum protection with as little user interaction as possible. Some other Anti-spyware programs and Anti-virus software prompts you for every little change that is being made to the system. The average user usually doesn't understand these requests or can't be bothered with them.
Spybot (configured correctly) and Spyware Blaster make this very easy. AVG anti-virus is also similar. Though it may require User interaction when it detects a threat, its' options and logic are easily presented to the user. Heal or Move To Vault.

So the answer to the question is without a doubt you need more than just an Anti-virus software on your PC. Though many are out there, some are more interactive than others, so be careful what you get. Final Analysis is Anti-virus software + Antispyware software=one happy non-infected PC and a happy PC operator. Surf Safely and Stay Protected.

Next weeks topic: What do i do if I get an infection and my Security Software can't remove it?


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