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, What is Spyware?, What is Adware? What is Malware?

This is a common question as most people think they are all just viruses. In general terms these can just all be called infections and not all viruses. Let's start with the easiest of them to describe which is Spyware.
Spyware is software that can secretly monitor where you surf, what sites, you go to. They will grab other types of personal information, like what sites you frequent. Spyware will also interfere with your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox), by redirecting your searches to other pages or even hijacking your browser and home page. Spyware can also install programs on your PC to further infect it. These can lead you to not being able to connect to the Internet even in a worst case scenario.
Next on our list is Adware. Adware is usually the least dangerous and more just plain out annoying. They will send you Advertisements and pop ups for everything from Viagra,Prescription Pills from Canada, Free Government loans, Male enlargements and anything else. These can slow your PC down and if you click on some of the Ads could get you an infection or virus in the process.
Last and certainly not least is Malware. Malware can be classified as Viruses, Spyware, Adware or Trojans, worms etc. Malware means Malicious Software and it is dangerous without a doubt. Malware can infect your system beyond repair. It will install itself without your consent. It does this by attempting to trick you into clicking on something. Sometimes it can be an email, or a pop up ad. It can cause any of the above mention items above such as installing additional infections, spyware, or adware.
The best way to protect yourself against these predators and evil programs is with a good combination of a good Antivirus software and usually at least 2 Antispyware programs.
At Zolex PC we use AVG Antivirus for your Antivirus protection, Spybot Search and Destroy to Immunize you against Spyware, and Spyware Blaster as a Force field to keep these infections from getting onto your system. The protection is good as long as you keep it updated and stay vigilant. Because new infections come out everyday it is important to be careful where you are surfing and what you are clicking on. Thanks for reading today's Blog. Happy Surfing and stay protected.
Steve www.zolexpc.com

P.S. Next weeks topic: What is a Rootkit?


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