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Watch Out For Fake Antivirus Software « ZolexPC Blog About Us - Remote Computer Support & Help | Zolex PC

Watch Out For Fake Antivirus Software

Fake Antivirus software continues to be a constant threat to the home PC User.    Fake Antivirus software is one of the most common type of infections on the Internet these days.   They come in all sorts of varieties and names.   They are designed to specifically fool the user into believing they are legitimate.  Some will run fake scans on your PC telling you it is infected and prompting you to download more software to fix it.  Do not click on these as you will only further infect your PC.   They will try to get you to purchase software that will fix the problem but this too is usually a scam.  While they will take your money and maybe remove some part of their infection, they will also leave you some new infections.  These in turn will prompt you to pay and download additional software to fix the problem.

If you get infected with one of these, do not click on anything to proceed further.  Try to close the windows if possible using Task Manager or clicking on the X in the top right corner.   You need to get the infections off of your PC as quick as possible.   If you have Security Software, this is the time to run it.  If your Security Software can not remove the infection then you should get professional help.    The longer you let the infection reside on your PC, the more damage it will do.    One infection can easily lead to multiple infections and can get to the point where Windows may not even start up for you.

Signs that you might be infected would be Software that you do not recognize telling you that your PC is infected and prompting you to download or install something.   If it is not part of your regular Security Software, do not install or run the program.   These infections can come from most anywhere so be mindful of where you are surfing and if you get a message telling your PC is infected or may be, navigate away from the page and run your scans to make sure your PC is clean.

If you are the victim of this already and have paid money to one of these companies, you should call your Credit Card company/Bank and try to stop the charges as soon as possible.    Many of these scams may give out your information as well on the Internet so keep an eye on your Credit Cards going forward as well for suspicious charges.   Some will just take the money and run, while others may try to use the card so the sooner you can report the fraud, the better your chances are at safeguarding your card.

Again, if you can not get rid of the infection on your own, then have it removed by a professional.   Letting the infection remain is a recipe for certain disaster.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.



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