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Is It Good To Have Multiple Antivirus Programs On My PC?

Last week, I had a new customer who had an infection on their PC.  In an effort to remove the infection on their own, they decided to install Multiple Antivirus programs on their PC.    The customer thought the more security meant better protection for their PC.    While this idea may sound good in theory, it is not advisable and not good for your PC.   Antivirus programs are designed to detect harmful programs and files on your system.  They do this by a number of different ways.   Because Antivirus programs can remove files and delete or modify files, much like Viruses themselves, other Antivirus Software can be detected as a potential threat by another Antivirus software.  In addition both will compete with each other, both could try to modify your firewall settings.  Having multiple Antivirus will use up lots of your system's resources making your PC slower to respond.     You should not have Norton, McAfee, AVG, MS Security Essentials all installed at once.   In fact having this many can actually weaken your security on the PC.  You only need one Antivirus Software on your PC.

As for Antispyware programs, having multiple is usually acceptable and can add to your security for your PC.    Some programs such as Norton 360 or Microsoft Security Essentials do both by providing you Antivirus protection and Antispyware protection.   Even using one of these you could still add an additional Antispyware program such as Spybot if you wanted too.    For my personal computer, I use Antivirus Software combined with two Antispyware programs.    At ZolexPC we use Microsoft Security Essentials which includes Antivirus and Antispyware.   This updates by itself and requires little interaction with the home user.

Do not install Multiple Antivirus on your computer as it will give you far more problems than it will solve.   When it comes to Antivirus, you want One and One only.   If you have multiple installed currently, choose the one that is best for you and install the rest.   For Antispyware, while you can have many 2 is usually sufficient.  Anything more and you will probably find it to be more intrusive and annoying than helping to protect your PC.   Be sure you are only running one Antivirus program on your PC.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.




Rise of Fake Antivirus Programs Continues to Plague the Internet

Fake Antivirus software continues to infect more and more users everyday.   At ZolexPC we are seeing a large increase in a few specific ones that merit mentioning.    Antivirus 2010, Internet Security 2010,  Total PC Defender, and Fake Alert.   These viruses are all designed to mask themselves as legitimate software to clean your machine of infections.   The programs will run scans that are fake, and then prompt you for money to fix them.    There are variants of these programs and many more out there that are similar in scope.     Some of them even go so far as to put out new fake ones each year and name them accordingly.   For example, there is an Antivirus 2009, 2008, and of course Antivirus 2010.

Some people may accidentally click on links for these viruses while others just may see them all of sudden show up on their PC.   This is usually the result of going to an infected page on a website or an infected website in general.   You may also contract this virus from not keeping your existing Security Software and Windows updated.    Many programs will just surf the Internet searching for machines that are vulnerable to their infections.   Similar to a burglar who walks around a neighborhood checking for unlocked doors, sooner or later he will find an open door to break into.     These programs can wreak havoc on y0ur PC very quickly.

A common target of these programs is the ability to prevent executable programs from running.   This may prevent your Antivirus software from being able to run, or additional programs that will not work because the virus will block.     The infection does this to protect itself from being deleted.    You will usually get a message from the Fake Antivirus software telling you that the particular program you are trying to use is infected and cannot be run.   It will tell you that you should install and run their software, usually for a price.   If you do this, you will most likely further infect your PC with additional infections and the scam will continue.    These types of infections can almost make your PC inoperable.

If you are surfing the Internet and you get prompted or see a message from any program that is not your normal Security Software, you should immediately close your browser and run your Security Scans, with your Antivirus software or Antispyware scanners.     If you scanners will not run and the machine is infected you will need to call on the professionals to have them remove it for you.   The process can take some time to remove the infection and to make sure the PC is clean.     At ZolexPC we can remove these infections and get your PC back to a healthy state.      Keep your Security Software updated.  ZolexPC recommends updating your Security Software every two weeks.   Your Antivirus software will usually update by itself, but your other Security Software may not.   If you use Free Software, you usually are responsible for the updating of it.   The process is usually very quick,  but easy to forget to do.

Fake Antivirus programs and software will continue to plague us on the Internet but the more vigilant we are and the more we keep our Security Software up to date, the less it can harm us.  Be sure to keep your Security Software up to date and be suspicious of any program that you don't recognize.  If you do get infected with one of these, you can always count on ZolexPC to remove them for you.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.




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