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Do The Right Thing Facebook and Put a Stop to This Garbage Before it is too Late!

Fox News posted an article about Facebook today alerting everyone to the fact that groups like NAMBLA are now prevalent on Facebook.   See the full article here:


These groups like NAMBLA and others are associated with Child Pornography and Pedophilia.      "Facebook says it has a strict policy against the posting of content that supports groups engaged in child exploitation, yet a simple, five-second search on Facebook, conducted on Sept. 23, yielded dozens of pages devoted to the infamous North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Many of those pages featured numerous photos of unnamed boys, some of whom appeared to be too young for kindergarten. "   There were also hundreds of links to their website via Facebook.    Sickening, just plain sickening.

Facebook is of course now investigating but this is not enough and is unacceptable.   These groups need to be taken off of Facebook immediately and all references to their sites via links should also be taken down and removed.   I am all for First Amendment Rights and Free Speech but when it comes to children and the promotion of Child Porn, exceptions need to be made on Social Networks sites like Facebook.    Facebook has over 500 million users and many of these users have children.   This is ringing the dinner bell out there to all Pedophiles and the like for pictures, contacts links and who knows what else these sick and perverted people will try to do.  With so many kids on Facebook and chat features, this opens the door to something terrible happening to an innocent child without the parent even knowing what is going on.

Anybody can make up a Facebook account with Fake Information and fake pictures to try to lure somebody to friend them.  Many people do not have the correct privacy features set on their Facebook accounts and this could lead to anybody being able to see their pictures, including those of their children.    These sick perverts are always looking for new ways to trick children or entice them with something wonderful to get their attention and gain their trust.    Facebook is providing them a free and easy to use tool to facilitate this.

There are plenty of sick and demented people in the world who do terrible but those who hurt innocent children and prey on the weak and defenseless are in a whole class of SCUM by themselves.   In my opinion they should be removed from society forever.   I have no problem with people and their fetishes albeit a foot fetish, or anything else that may seem crazy but is legal.  When it comes to children and Child Porn which is illegal a line must be drawn in the sand and Facebook needs to take high road on this issue and immediately take these sites down.   Unless a further investigation will lead to arrests, how long will they wait before one of these pedophiles strikes an innocent child by using Facebook as a tool.

Do the Right Thing Facebook and Stop This Now!!

If you are using Facebook and even if you do not have children be sure to check your Privacy Settings today to make sure your Pictures and information are not on public display for all the world to see, especially the slime and scum known as NAMBLA and their associates.  Taking the time out to do this today may save your child from something abhorrent and terrible.

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Twitter and Facebook Being Used By Scammers to Spread Infections

A recent article from TechCrunch mentions how Twitter is now being used by Scammers to lure potential victims to their scams.   Read the full article here:


Most people already are familiar with Facebook and the infections that can be spread through it.  Just yesterday I worked on a customer's PC with the Koobface Worm. In addition to it the machine was heavily infected.  Scammers and Virus makers realize how much Facebook and Twitter are being used everyday by people.  Twitter and Facebook are excellent places to trick people into clicking on a bogus links and infecting machines.    The value in using these tools as that so many people are using them that the Scammers are bound to catch some people.  Facebook recently announced they had over 500 million users.   That is quite a tasty morsel to a Scammer or Virus maker.   Even if the success rate is only 1% out of 500 million, that is 5 million more machines to spread the infection to others.

Twitter has almost 100 million users now.  1% of that is still 1 million.  You can easily see why Facebook and Twitter are going to be used in this fashion by Scammers and Virus makers.  Many businesses and companies are on Facebook and Twitter for legitimate reasons.   They want to reach more customers, engage with the community and spread the word about their products or services.  The Scammers and Virus Creators are doing the same thing, trying to spread their infections and scam more people out of their hard earned money by reaching out to as many people as possible.  You can bet if a new Social Media Idea comes along, and grows in popularity like Facebook or Twitter has, that it too will become a target for Scammers and Virus Makers as well.

If you are one of the 500 million users of Facebook or one of the 100 million users of Twitter, you need to be extra careful with clicking on links you are not sure of.  If it looks suspicious don't click it.   With Twitter and it's short links you need to be sure of the source when following a link.  Check the user to see if they have any followers?  Do they Follow anybody?  How many Tweets do they have?  Again if it doesn't appear legit, don't click.

Twitter and Facebook are immensely popular and probably will be around for at least the next few years.    Scammers and Virus makers know this and will use it to their advantage.  As a user of these Social Media tools you just need to use your wits and be suspicious.  If you do get an infection, remove it as quickly as possible with your Security Software or have a professional do it for you.

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Facebook Annoyances

Here is a great article that I wanted to share with everyone.   If you use Facebook, you should read this article for sure.


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Are Your Passwords Secure?

When it comes to using Passwords, whether to log onto your PC or log into your email, you should take care to make your Password tough to crack.    Unfortunately coming up with complicated passwords that we remember can be difficult.  The easiest solution that I have found is to pick something very strange, it can be an object, book, character, radiator, milk jug, or anything, the more obscure the better.   Once you pick that, then add a couple of numbers that you know you won't forget and you should have a pretty tough password for someone to guess.   For example, if your password was   trashbag324.   Now mostly likely that name may strike a laugh with you which will help you remember it and who in their right mind would come up with a password like that.   Unless you are in the Waste Removal Industry this is not likely to be too many people's password.    The key is to remember it and make it stick.

If you work at a company that requires you to change your Password every few months, you can usually just pick another obscure word or phrase and add a few numbers to it.     filecabinet985 would be tough to guess.

Your Amazon.com password, your email password, your bank password are some of the many passwords we have to use and remember.    While it is very easy to use the same password for them all, it is quite risky.   A good solution is to make up about 3 passwords that you will remember, and assign them to different areas.   Maybe you have one for your banking and Amazon account.  Then another for your email, and Facebook.   If you do this you will have the  Security of tough passwords and only need to remember 3 Passwords as opposed to 10 different ones.   Simple but still Secure.    Having a password is recommended even if you are a single user and live alone.   If your PC was stolen or you would not want to have your PC or private Docs, pictures compromised.    Now I am realistic enough to know that most people who have one computer at home for themselves may not use a password.   It is an inconvenience but for security purposes it is the right thing to do.   If you have no password, and are having friends or your romantic partner, what is stop someone from going on your PC to see what is there?

If for any reason you suspect your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately.    If your machine contracts a virus or other malicious software, your passwords could be at risk.  While the chances are slim, it all depends on how infected your PC and what type of infection you have.   There are key-loggers and password-stealing programs out there.   This is one of the most important reasons to keep your Security Software up to date to give your machine the maximum protection.    Having a tough password on your home PC and Office PC is a good habit to practice.   We cannot avoid the future or more and more things being done online and needing passwords, so protect yourself as best you can while still being able to remember them.   The more characters and numbers the tougher it will be.   Just don' t make them so tough that you can't remember them.    If your password makes your laugh, you will be far more likely to remember it.   :)      As a final example:     horsehockey742

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