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File Sharing Sites And The Risks They Pose

File sharing sites can be notorious areas to pick up infections for your PC.     While File Sharing sites are useful in many ways they do have risks associated with them.   File sharing sites allow anyone to upload files, videos, data to a server.   These can then be download by people to their PC's.   So if you don't have a song you want you can find it and download it to your PC.  This allows people to share their files with others which is a great idea.   As usual all good ideas open up doors for people to take advantage of the situation.  The problem occurs because Virus makers and Infection spreaders can also upload whatever they want as well.   They  deceive people into thinking they are downloading a legitimate file such as popular song or popular video.  They can name their infection anything they want. When you think you are downloading the latest Lady GaGa song you might get a nasty infection that tries to collect your personal information instead.   You click on Poker Face and you may not be dancing the night away, but rather watching your PC go haywire as it gets devoured by a Worm.    If you click on one of these you can infect your machine within seconds.   It only takes one bad click to infect your PC.

The price you pay for the Free cost of the File Sharing sites is the Risk for getting infected.   Paid Music sites such as ITunes are perfectly safe.    Other negatives with some free File Sharing sites could be:    Adware that you may have to install on your PC to use their software.   These can be Ads that you are forced to watch or have running in the background while using the program.   Most of the programs may also use up your Internet Bandwidth if you are not using all of it.   This means that while you are surfing the Internet or watching an online video, the program can be slowing down your Internet connection by using those resources.   This can bog down your machine and is also most likely sending out information on what websites you surf.  This information is harvested in order to spam your email with useless garbage for just about anything.    People that make viruses and spyware  specifically put  infections on these sites under all sorts of different names in the hopes of spreading the infections too as many PC's as they can.    File sharing sites are an excellent and anonymous way to spread the infections.   There is no shortage of people using these sites and many do not have enough protection on their PC's.

If you use these sites, you need to be very careful when clicking on something to download.   Your Security can protect you against infections but many times by clicking on the infection, it will launch the virus.   The virus can target your Anti-virus software or other security programs to shut them down and give the infection a free pass through your system.    This of course leads to more infections and can become a serious problem.   The safest bet is to stay off of these sites.   Now no one is going to do that because they are free and very popular, but if you do use them, beware that you are putting your PC at an increased rate for infection.    Is the Free Music worth the risk?   Most people feel it is.   In this economy, who can blame them?   Just be careful out there if you use these sites.

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