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Why You Should Let Windows Manage Your Wireless Network

When setting up your Wireless network, you may encounter a decision to make as to who or what program will manage your Wireless Network for you.  It is always best and easiest to let Windows Manage your Wireless Network at home.   Windows is usually pretty straight forward in User Friendliness for the average home user.  Windows will show you the Available networks it detects and you simply connect to it after entering the Key if necessary.
Now most other Wireless Network programs work the same way but they can occasionally conflict with Windows or your existing hardware.  You can only have one program managing your Wireless Networks.  If you try to use another one it will tell you that this program cannot manage your Network.   You need to go into the program that is controlling it and locate the option that say. "Let Windows Manage my Wireless Network".    Once you have applied those changes you should be able to now use Windows to manage your network.    Right-click on the Wireless icon down by your clock in the bottom right corner of the screen.    One of the options should be View Available Wireless Networks.   A Window will open and you will see a list of Wireless Network that Windows has detected.  Choose the name of your Network and click Connect.    You may be prompted to enter in a Password/Key.   Enter in your key and you should be connected and ready to surf.

When travelling abroad or near a place with Free WiFi, simply do the same thing to get connected.   Right click on the Wireless Network icon to View Available networks and locate the network, (Dunkin Donuts, Barnes Noble etc) and connect to it.    The beauty of having Windows manage your network is it's ease and simplicity.     So whether you are home or abroad Windows makes it easy to get connected to a Wireless Network.

Dell uses the Dell Network assistant.  This is designed to manage your Wireless network and regular home network.   While this may work, in my experience I find it easiest to let Windows manage it.   Dell is in the business of making computers, not Networking Software.   Would you buy a car that was made by McDonald's as opposed to Ford, or General Motors.   Of course not, now granted Dell is a related industry but let Windows do it what it does best and vice-versa for Dell.

Occasionally your non-Windows Management software could corrupt your internet settings or temporarily mix up your Router/Modem.    Though this is usually easily fixed by resetting your Router and/or Modem, it can be very annoying and disruptive, especially if you are working on something important.    There could be conflicts if you move the PC to a different network and the other Non Windows software attempts to change some settings on some hardware.

Having Windows manage your network is very simple and usually has few issues.  It shows you the Networks it sees, and you click connect to the one you want.      Almost all Wireless manufactures whether of Routers, Cards etc, enclose software to have them manage your Wireless networks so be careful when installing and make sure you change it to have Windows manage your wireless networks.   You will save yourself a few headaches and some aggravation.

To see if Windows is managing your Wireless networks, simply right-click on the Wireless icon down by your clock in the bottom right corner of the screen.    One of the options should be View Available Wireless Networks.  If your PC tells you it can't find them because Windows doesn't manage your network, then you need to go to the program that is managing the Wireless Network, Examples would  Dell Network Assistant, Dell LAN Manager, Linksys Advisor,  and change it over back to let Windows manage my Wireless Network.

When it comes managing your Wireless Networks, keep it simple.  Windows is easier, more user friendly, less bothersome, and quite reliable so make sure you have Windows managing your Wireless Networks .    Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.




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