How It Works

Our technicians connect to your PC using a secure direct connection, using LogMeInRescue to ensure your safety and privacy. LogMeInRescue is a third-party provider of secure, on-demand, remote-connectivity and support solutions.

Once connected, the technician will ask you a few easy questions. Once answered, you can sit back and watch us perform the service, or step away from your computer while we make the repairs.

Here's how to get your prescription for a healthy computer!

Click "Buy Now" on any of the service offering pages. This will take you to a Paypal interface to make your payment. Please include your phone number; this is the number the technician will use if he or she needs to contact you during service.

Once payment has been made, a log in page will appear. Enter your first and last name and click "start."

Your browser will ask you if you want to run an application from LogMeInRescue. Click "run" (Firefox users click save and then double click on the icon in the location you saved it to).

The PC Connector Service (powered by LogMeInRescue) will launch in a chat window. Our technicians are instantly notified that you are waiting, and answer your chat within moments.

Click Chat Now at any time to establish an instant connection with a technician and they can walk you through these steps.

The technician will identify themselves, ask you a few questions and then take remote control of your mouse and keyboard in order to perform the services. You maintain 100% control of the system, and can end the session at any time by closing the chat window.

During the session, you will see our skilled technicians clean your system of malicious programs and files. We also optimize your system for peak performance, and configure antivirus solutions to keep you protected today, and in the future.

When the session is complete, the technician will exit your system and send and e-mail notification informing you that service has been completed, including the session ticket details.