PC Accelerator


Average length of service:
Approximately 30 minutes

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The PC Accelerator service modifies your computer for peak performance. If your computer is slow to start or is sluggish while it performs tasks, this service can help. This service includes removal of unwanted programs and temporary files that can clog and bog down your machine. It also includes installation and configuration of antivirus and antispyware software to protect your machine.

If your computer is infected with a virus, you will need the PC Rescue service.

Common complaints:

  • Computer takes a long time to start or shut down
  • Error messages while using or moving between programs
  • My computer keeps freezing or crashing
  • Computer doesn’t have antivirus protection installed
  • Web navigation is very slow
  • I don’t know what lots of programs and files on the computer are for
  • My computer has never had a checkup
Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP or Vista, 1.5gHz minimal CPU speed, 512MB RAM on XP or 1GB RAM on Vista. System must pass Microsoft WGA validation as a lawfully-licensed operating system. A high speed connection to the Internet is also required. Satellite and wireless broadband connections serviced on a case by case basis depending on bandwidth, at the technician's discretion. Dial-up connections and unlicensed versions of Windows will not be serviced.