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PC Accelerator PC
Wireless Setup

System adjustments for peak performance
Decrease start up and shut down times and remove unwanted programs

Remove all viruses and malicious items
Locate, identify and remove all system infections

Clean up of junk and temp files
Increase space on the hard drive and speed performance by removing junk and temp files

Install/configure anti-virus and security software
Protect your computer with the most up-to-date security measures

System health analysis
Combat a slow or sluggish system that doesn’t have obvious signs of virus infection

Apply Windows updates
Bring operating system up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft for maximum protection and security

Revive and secure Internet Explorer
Remove malicious items from Internet Explorer and configure for safe, secure surfing

Configure and secure Firewall
Ensure the firewall isn’t vulnerable to attack and only allows legitimate Web traffic to your PC

Install and secure wireless router
Connect home PCs to the wireless router and install WEP or WPA/WPA2 security measures

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